I Dream of... "a car free city"

I Dream of... "No cars and free bikes"

I Dream of... "Interactive spaces"

I Dream of... "High frequency buses"

I Dream of... "Something for every Culture, a place we can learn from each other"

I Dream of... "Micro Businesses."

I Dream of... "a tram system (Nelson used to have one!)."

Youth hub

I Dream of a... "space for young people to hang out and learn new things or just to play games. A little sanctuary. Could be things like a recording studio, craft room, workshop, 3D printer, games, kitchen etc."

I Dream for... "communal hen houses."

I Dream for... "a large and engaging play space."

I Dream for... "A mode shift in transport - we have to reduce our emissions"

I Dream for... "a slower, more people/community focused city centre. Places to mix, talk, share and enjoy. Bump into people, opportunities to pause and connect."

I Dream for... "a more encouraging environment for bikes."

I Dream for... "more public transport to offset private cars."

I Dream that... "the main streets are free of cars to make them people friendly. Give car pickup/dropoff spaces in the squares. Lots of inner city living. We have an 'experimental' area (like the [Dream for Nelson] bed) to make it easy to try stuff (like playgrounds, meeting rooms, veggie gardens, music. Some big caravan places."

I Dream that... "we use the gas from our land fills rather than flare it."

Flea market

I Dream of... "lovely spaces like the top of Trafalgar St."

"We are travelling quite a journey right now, life has to be lived forward, but can only be understood backwards- go gently, go well."

Community Sauna

I Dream of... "a beautiful bike ride around Rocks Rd."

a place where the homeless can live and where people can learn acrobaticsI Dream for... "a place where the homeless can live and where people can learn acrobatics."

"My vision is for Nelson is for Nelson to be the wonderful space it is right now, but simpler and easier; Slow down to the speed of life :-)"

I Dream for... "Roman baths."

I Dream of... "Music spaces, and no noise complaints"

I Dream of... "Feeling safe."

I Dream for... "A rainbow road."

I Dream for... "Electric bike subsidies."

I Dream of... "Drinkable tap water"

I Dream of... "No empty cars cluttering our central city."

I Dream... "That we might live within planetary boundaries."

I Dream for... "Opportunities for young people, once leaving college."

 I Dream of... "More green spaces."

I Dream for... "A big community arts centre / youth hub."

I Dream for... "Better and more public transport options."

I Dream for... "Community indoor and outdoor spaces for all ages to gather."

I Dream for... "A future where my great grandchildren are able to flourish because of their ancestors."

I Dream for... "Places where people feel comfortable & want to linger. Spaces where people interface, meet, stay and play. A place for a community to bond & flourish"

I Dream for... "More parks instead of parking spaces."

I Dream of... "Whakatu/Nelson being celebrated internationally as a sustainable, creative community hub, showing the world what is possible. Local ethical businesses thrive as we attract global visitors to celebrate & learn from our leadership."

I Dream for... "People orientated space to allow connection and dialog."

For everyone in our community to have access to the same opportunities and outcomes.

I Dream for... "City vegetable gardens & fruit trees."

I Dream for... "Beautiful bike pathways criss-crossing the city."

I Dream of... "Forward thinking local governance that is committed to the degrowth of our economy and its wasteful consumption and excess. Is committed to developing legislation that allows our people the freedom to live sustainable low impact lifestyles, being able to choose affordable tiny homes so that no one is faced with housing insecurity. Is committed to delivering community based resources that benefit everyone!"

I Dream for... "a Covid like slowness."